St. Patrick's Day

may grace be generously bestowed upon you ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€

A Moment of Grace – The Ripple Effect

As the song goes, it has the sweetest sound. 

Originating over 250 years ago, “Amazing Grace” traces back to John Newton, a British slave trader who experienced a profound spiritual awakening amidst a violent storm off County Donegal’s coast. His plea for mercy in that moment marked the beginning of his transformation.

Considering his profession, one might argue that his survival of the storm was unwarranted. However, it was precisely by the grace of God that led him to renounce his past and begin to advocate for abolition.

“That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now I am found.”

If pain can fester in the shadows and darkness, then grace is a lighthouse that guides us forward. It’s a loving, and perhaps unearned, release and an intentional act of kindness when we reasonably expect to be judged or, worse, shunned or shamed. 

As Newton believed, it can come from a higher power, and we can, and I will submit, should, offer it ourselves and each other. 

Grace transforms us, drawing us closer together and reminding us of our collective imperfection. This concept echoes the philosophy of kintsugi, where brokenness leads to connection, healing, and beauty. 

During my recovery, I created an acronym for grace because that’s what corporate people do. It begins with Gratitude and helps shift our perspective through Reframing. 

It invites us to expand our AwarenessAccept what is, Act with intent, and Adjust as needed. 

It reminds us about the importance of Community and how our Energy ripples far and wide. 

For individuals and companies I work with who adopt GRACE as a way of being and extend it to themselves and each other, something magical happensโ€”they can breathe freely again. 

To extend grace is not to overlook faults but to acknowledge our shared humanity, offering compassion and progress with the understanding, “I see you. Now, how can we move forward?”

Understanding this might serve us well in extending more grace to each other and creating the change we seek. 

So, on this St. Patrick’s Day, 

May the road rise up to meet you. 

May the wind always be at your back. 

May grace be generously bestowed upon you.

Wishing you a joyous St. Patrick’s Day and luck in all your endeavors.

Okay, here’s a riddle that one of my daughters shared this morning: Why are there so many people in Ireland?

Email me, and I will share the answer. 

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Until next week, have fun storming the castle! 


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