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The Solar Eclipse/How Our Choices Shape Our Orbit

Solar Eclipse

The moon blocks the sun’s light at least twice a year. It’s a consequence of its orbit and beyond its control.

We, however, have a choice. We might feel a temporary sense of superiority when judgmentally throwing shade or criticism at someone. But, like a solar eclipse, it’s a high that only lasts a few fleeting moments. So, we do it again and again to recapture the feeling until it becomes our orbit.

Another option is to find ways to amplify the light of others. It requires energy to travel this way, but it creates a beautiful ripple effect that helps us see and appreciate each other more clearly. Then, we all feel brighter and more energetic..

Until next week, enjoy the eclipse if you are in its path, and have fun storming the castle.


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  • Daneen Brooks

    Love the new merchandise. Meditation with my fur babies has made a big impact on all. There is a sense of calm for the family that is healing. Mindfulness & meditation helped with transitions of losing a pet sibling to humans. Overall gratitude for PBR community, live zooms and mostly the vision of Michael O’Brien. Thank you Michael for sharing your personal narrative, including your last bad day. You inspired me to not give up on my own health journey, professional goals and personal growth/development. Introspection carries me through as I make intentional choices and gain peace. Thank you. #MerchforFurBabies #♥️🐾BreathReflectMug-Yessss 🔥 ✨🌻👑🌻

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