Hiker with a heavy backpack

It’s Time to Unpack Your Backpack

We start with light backpacks. The essentials are there, and a sherpa or two guides our way.

But as we continue to hike, we pick up rocks here and there. The weight grows so gradually that we might not notice.

Our rocks come in various shapes and sizes:
* A limiting narrative we internalized early on
* Other people’s harsh opinions
* Self-critical voices we’ve allowed to linger

Over time, the rocks multiply, and we continue to shove more stuff into our backpacks. Before we know it, we start to ache and notice how much unnecessary weight we’ve been carrying. 

But despite the strain and knowing it’s unhealthy, we keep hiking because it’s what everyone else does – gotta hustle and grind, as they say. So we search for a hack or take a pill promising to make things lighter, but they do nothing for our backpacks. 

They only mask the weight – our backpacks are still heavy. “It is what it is,” we tell ourselves.

But does it have to be? 

A new friend, Steve, whom I met through my conversation with Rich Roll, shared some wisdom he received from a Finn while in Iceland. The Finn said, “There are two things in life: Stuff and Gear. So pack wisely.”

Carrying all that accumulated weight comes at a price. It’s hard to enjoy the hike when our rocks and stuff make accessing essential gear like community, mindfulness, and wisdom challenging. 

It’s time to empty our backpacks, inspect each rock, and ask, “Do I really need to carry this?”

The goal isn’t a flawlessly light pack – just one consciously curated with only the essential gear you need to experience your hike called life fully. 

There’s no need to keep hauling every rock you’ve tripped over.

Tomorrow is Earth Day. If you can, get out into nature and celebrate the nature within you. I’m hosting an Earth Day 🌍 meditation at 7:30 a.m. Eastern – please join us. 

And something else for your calendar that friends, family, and even rivals are welcome to join. In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, I’m hosting a unique free evening practice and talk on May 15th to help us Unpack our Backpacks and restore our well-being.

Isn’t it time to travel lighter? 

It will make it easier to have fun storming the castle. 


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